Tokyo, Japan


Ageha (butterfly in Japanese) is the most popular and biggest club in Japan, four gigantic stages and smaller hidden ones, an impeccable sound system and quality programming that clubs around the world envy, Ageha has reinvented the night and offers the ultimate Japanese nightlife experience.

A factory where the names of the artists present are lined up in red and gold, a battery of employees to show you the way and take your coats and bags, everything at Ageha is made for you to enjoy your evening.

A huge space and a dozen of stages dispatched throughout: inside, outside, on carpet, on dirt floors, around a pool, inside a wooden room ... and bars! Bars everywhere. Also chairs, benches, smaller spaces to stop time and contemplate the efficient and chic minimalism of this nightclub in a surreal size. Getting lost is easy, but the pleasure of opening a door and ending up in quite a different world is priceless. Curiosity, both musical and sensory, is extolled, as the space is so big and broken up. The prevailing darkness also helps you to switch off once you have entered Ageha.

The biggest names have been there, take a look at the agenda, there is something for all tastes and all styles.


2-2-10, Shinkiba


136-0082 Tokyo, Japan


Thu-Sat 11:00pm - 05:00am


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