Tokyo, Japan


Dining & Bar Kitsune delivers a spectacular bar and club experience combining fusion cuisine and stylishly-lit interior. Kitsune is nestled between Shibuya, Ebisu and Hiroo, making this trendy nightspot a great location for crowds used to these central neighbourhoods.

Dining & Bar Kitsune has a huge interior, with different (also VIP) spaces that can be reserved and combined for groups, spread out around a central 360˚ island counter with LED lighting that can be customised depending on the season, mood or party on the night.

All this lends to a sophisticated yet exclusive atmosphere. All menus and staff are English-friendly and Kitsune runs regular events suitable for international crowds as well - be sure to check out the website for more event information.


B1 Chatelet Shibuya 2-20-13

Higashi Shibuya-ku

150-0011 Tokyo, Japan


Fri-Sat 06:00pm - 05:00am
Sun-Thu 06:00pm - 03:00am


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