Vienna, Austria

Babenberger Passage

A beautiful passage right underneath the famous Ring which encircles Vienna’s city center

The Badenberger Passage was established in Vienna as a club in October 2003 after being used as a pedestrian underpass. It is located in the heart of the city right next to one of Vienna’s most famous boulevards. Since 2003 Passage, which was transformed from an underpass into a club, has become the most popular venue for partying in whole of Austria with the highest number of guests so far.

Since its establishment the club has been the absolute Hot-Spot in the nightlife of Vienna. Doors are open from Tuesday till Saturday in order to keep passionate guests satisfied so that they don’t have to wait until the weekend to go out and have fun.
All those that fancy good music and love great architecture combined with cool vibes will love the unique concept of this club! It has three main bars, of which one of them serves delicious classic cocktails as well as own new creations meeting exactly the trend of the upcoming American Bar movement that is currently taking place in Vienna.

Babenberger Passage, better known as Passage, is famous for its extraordinary and eclectic interior design, which has a futuristic ambience. Not only does it include a state-of-the-art lighting sytem but also a custom-made fantastic sound system.
The music being played varies from day to day and is a great mixture of Disco, RnB, House, and of course some fine electro tunes.
Furthermore Passage had the honour of introducing world stars performing live on stage such as Timbaland, Craig David, Axwell and Martin Solveig to name a few.


Burgring 3

Babenbergerstrasse 1

1010 Vienna, Austria



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