Vienna, Austria

Vie i Pee

Ten years after entrepreneur Martin Ho had initiated “DOTS Experimental Sushi” as the founding stone of his success story, on March 6th 2015 he opened Vienna’s first Hip hop Club “VIE i PEE”, following international precedents.

Spread over an area of approximately 2000 square meters, of which 600 are located indoors, the “VIE i PEE” hosts around 500 guests Wednesday through Saturday. The musical genres range from Soul, Funk, Jazz and R’n’B, to Rap and Hip hop. During the summer time, the spacious garden of around 1400 square meters invites its clientele to spend relaxed evenings on the lounge furniture and ample wooden terrace. The “VIE i PEE” embraces urban, alternative and unrestrained attributes in all aspects. In terms of design, Ho counted on artworks that strongly relate to the street art scene.

The architectonic concept, as well as the lighting arrangements, have been developed by the Designer Team MuMu, Alexander Riegler and Micheal Stor, who already left their personal marks on the DOTS restaurants. Their unique light staging embraces the connection between artwork and interior design, and particularly highlights the distinctiveness of the “VIE i PEE.”

The gastronomic range Ho offers for his guests includes the local offerings at the “Buschenschank”, such as “Blunzn”, “Backhendl”, and the traditional Viennese “Schnitzel”, as well as culinary highlights from the Vietnamese cuisine, as embedded in the DOTS Street Kitchen concept. What more could you wish for after a long party night?


Csardastraße 135, 1020

1020 Vienna, Austria



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