Paris, France

Bagatelle Mansion

Over two centuries ago, Marie Antoinette and the Count D'Artois made the bet of building this place for libertinage... A truly mad vision !!!

Bagatelle’s bucolic dinners and its inebriate evenings are coming back each year in mid-April. The club is open on Fridays, Saturdays and bank holiday evenings. You will be able to enjoy outdoor dining in the heart of the enchanting Bagatelle’s gardens for your warm summer evenings. The meal is an outside buffet, available directly from the outside for an even more convivial atmosphere. You will find appetizers, main dishes, desserts, available in various forms satisfying each.

From 11:30pm, the stage changes and turns into a club, opening his doors and letting the extravagance, costumes and summer madness coming into the enclosure of the garden. Everything is allowed! It’s summer... Needless to say that every season offers nice surprises, including live music, DJs and explosive partnerships.


42 route de Sèvre à Neuilly

75016 Paris, France


Fri-Sat: 21.00 - 05.00

Closed for Winter Season


NOTEReservations: Friday and Saturday +33 6 61 97 36 70 (Jean) Sunday +33 6 29 42 73 69 (Max)

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