Val d’Isere, France

La Folie Douce

The Folie Douce has been amazing (people) since 1980.

In the great outdoors, with a living backdrop of dancers, divas and DJs, LFD invites fun-seekers of all ages to share their unique mix of high-quality cuisine and high-altitude clubbing.
The LFD reputation lies in the strength of its core values : originality, freedom, and an undying thirst to “keep it real”. The plan? Communicating our message, giving maximum pleasure, developing a Lifestyle and sharing the experience. Check out the Folie Douce vibes for yourself. Feel the incredible energy of the LFD scene. But at your own risk, because once you’ve felt the vibe, you’ll never want to leave.

The Folie Douce values and philosophy translate into total respect for it's clientele and top class location of the Folie Douce spot. Quality of service and customer satisfaction are the drivers of every working day. The Folie Douce concept is geared to the young and the not-so-young. A spirit of togetherness allows the customers to share in the warmth and feeling of the moment, alongside the dedicated service teams, always listening and adapting to customer needs.

At the Folie Douce, from start to end of the season, every day is unique!


La Daille

73150 Val d’Isere, France


Mon-Sun 9am-5pm


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