Dresden, Germany

Blauer Salon

The “Blauer Salon” Dresden, which is located directly at the legendary Parkhotel, has a long history with many prestigious events and pregnant guests from around the world. In 2008, Thomas Röpke took over the affairs and the responsibility for the “Blauer Salon” and sat in rebuilding their individual ideas of a club that can be used simultaneously as an event location to minute detail.

The walls of the total premises 630 m² comprehensive adorns a blue carpet that comes up with one, specific and individually designed patterns by the deer, part of the logo of the “Blauer Salon” always reappears. Blankets, especially in the Ming bar are shaped by historical stucco ornamentation and stunning paintings. The foyer offers an ideal area as a dining lounge, as well as a stylish reception possibility. All rooms can feel the awesome art of bygone days together with modern technology like many LED screens, a modern sound and lighting system. In addition to the large area, the “Blauer Salon” was the “Roter Salon”, next to Ming Lounge, which is used as a VIP lounge and the classic bar, which is characterized by a homogeneous warm design, created a more sophisticated island for pleasure. The “Roter Salon” bear the significant name of "wedding room", since decades ago her happy couples tie the knot that they had given themselves in the adjacent ballroom. Since October 2009, the “Blauer Salon” is an official Pioneer DJ Club. This award is given by Pioneer for a magnificent artist program, very good staff, cleanliness and the excellent overall presentation of the club. The perfect symbiosis of old and new is what distinguishes the “Blauer Salon” and come up a few months after its re-opening has numerous awards and graduations can be.


Bautzner Landstrasse 7

01324 Dresden, Germany


Satudays: 21:00 - Late

IMPORTANT: Blauer Salon is an exclusive event and party venue which is not open every week-end. We recommend to our Members to book through the WFC concierge or to call for the event schedule.


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