Mykonos, Greece


Located in the Tria Prigadia area of Mykonos, Bonbonniere made a huge impact on Mykonos night life in the summer 2015. Sister club to the Bonbonniere Club in London, Bonbonniere Mykonos is a venue frequently visited by celebrities and known for throwing some of the biggest parties Mykonos has to offer.

The venue offers shisha and award winning cocktails from the early hours of the evening, then turns into a club where bottle service, DJs, shows and acts grace the rich and famous with a night to remember.

Reservations are always recommended to ensure a table will be available as the popularity of Bonbonniere makes them one of the most frequently sold out venues of the island.


Xora Tria Pigadia

84600 Mykonos, Greece


every day: 10.00am - 05.00am


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