Mykonos, Greece


Moni encapsulates the Mykonian identity: rich in history as well as a modern, international, cosmopolitan hotspot. The club was founded by a diverse group of people from all over the world who have been coming to the island every summer for over 25 years. Experts on Mykonos' nightlife, they have created a place where both island regulars and first-timers, will feel at home. With international djs, VIP catering and master mixologists, a night at Moni promised to be an unforgettable one.

The club's name was inspired by the neighboring church, Agia Moni, which stands alone, making it unique among over 800 churches in Mykonos built in pairs. Moni is greek for alone. The story goes that when fathers and sons went out to the sea, their loved ones would built churches in their name to protect them on their dangerous excursions. The notion of the family is integral to the club's identity.

Moni offers an international and modern twist on tradition. The team comprises individuals at the forefront of their respective fields from fashion to music to every corner of the club industry providing the highest standard of nightlife to a sophisticated clientele.

Located in the old port of the island on Agia Moni square - right the middle of the ancient, fortified entrance to the town and 100 meters away from Mykonos' most iconic church: Panagia Paraportiani - roots in Mykonian history. Moni also adopts the island's famous architecture with thick stone white-washed walls, making it a tribute to Mykonos' culture identity.

Closed for Winter Season.


Agia Moni Square

84600 Mykonos, Greece


Everyday (11.30pm – 6am)


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