Alta Badia, Italy

Club Moritzino

For nearly 50 years now, Moritzino has been considered as the trendiest venue of the Badia Valley. Noticeable for its unique position at a height of 2100 meters, as well as for its gourmet kitchen and parties, it's one of the most exclusive mountain clubs and restaurants in Italian South Tyrol.
A gourmet and a fish restaurant at 2.100m attracts the interest of Italian and international clients, who flock to Moritzino to find a unique place, visited by VIP’s and Showbiz, in a familiar atmosphere, where everybody feels welcome and “at home”.
Chef Marco Spinelli creates unique dishes, blending the refined ingredients of the Valley tradition with the tastes of innovative international cuisine.
The panoramic terrace, always exposed to the sun, and equipped with sun beds and deckchairs, is the chic meeting place for skiers and not. Combine this with sparkling wines and fish crudités and you have the cornerstones that make Moritzino unique.
Moritzino is famous for its musical entertainment at high altitude. Do not miss the iconic ‘Moritzino Night’, a Gourmet dinner followed by disco until late at night as well as the numerous events and performances.
Guests are transported to and from Moritzino with private snowcats.


La Villa 154

Piz La Villa (2.100m)

39036 Alta Badia, Italy


8 am – 5 pm / 8 pm – 3 am (Moritzino Night: Wed & Sat)
Closed in April, May, October, November


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