Florence, Italy


Located just a couple of blocks from Piazza della Repubblica, this ultra-chic club, lounge, and restaurant attracts a large crowd of stylish, upscale patrons, especially on Mondays and the weekends.

The fashionable and attractive clientele looks just as sleek and glamorous as the club itself, whose elegant décor features chandeliers, crisp white sofas, and a dance floor polished to a high shine.

Plenty of lounging space on the periphery gives patrons a chance to rest their feet or enjoy a round of cocktails, though the venue is probably not be the best option for meaningful conversation – this is a dance club, after all, and the DJs never fail in turning up the volume and keeping the posh and energetic crowd on its feet.


Via dei Sassetti 5

50123 Florence, Italy


Mon, Wed-Sat 23:30 - 04:00


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