Oslo, Norway

Nox & Sollihagen

Nox & Sollihagen - an oasis in the middle of famous Solli Plass in Oslo.

Nightclub Nox and its outside terrasse Sollihagen focus on the delivering that exceptional atmosphere, especially during summers. With a stunningly beautiful building complex, highly exclusive interiors, a wonderful selection of finest spirits and music by Oslo’s best DJs, Nox & Sollihagen is the finest nightclub venue in Norway.

At Sollihagen, our outside terrace, you can enjoy magical summer nights under open sky with lavish parties and heat lamps around tables to keep you comfortable at all times. All this right in Oslo’s most popular area.

Welcome to Nox & Sollihagen.


Henrik Ibsens gate 100

0254 Oslo, Norway


Friday - Saturday: 10:00pm - 03:00am


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