Porto, Portugal


In year 2013, the club Eskada has opened its doors in Porto for the public. Since that date, the club Eskada has fast become one of Portugal’s premiere and most exclusive night hot spots and has been attracting celebrities, socialites and the enthusiasts that has discovered the exclusiveness of the club.

Located in Porto, the club offers a fashionable and most luxurious event location that contains an outdoor as well as an indoor area. A large garden in front of the location welcomes its guests to this beautiful and exclusive place that affords surprises in every edge of the club. The club has set a new standard of high-class event entertainment and design infrastructure in a large space. It is contemporary and sophisticated by fusing many elements of the original structure, such as stones and light beams, together with modern elements like steel and glass. The hallway is awash with stimulating colours that creates a most fashionable atmosphere and leads to the different lounges which are allocated in various places in the club. The lounges include classy and exclusive design features such as a water feature terrace with big cushions and poufs all over the space. Moreover, the lounges are adorably outfitted with high-quality designed couches that are merged in the details to create a unique and marvellous ambience in the club.
The terrace offers an incredible view over the city of Porto and a view to the lake that fantasizes and indulges each visitor of the club.

According to the prominence of Eskada, the club has already presented some of the famous DJs from all around the world and the club always sets an agenda filled with prominent DJs. It has also quickly become home to A-List celebrities.


Rua da Alegria 611

4000-046 Porto, Portugal


Closed for renovations


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