Torres Novas, Portugal

Seven Club

Seven Club was inaugurated in 2008 and is considered a reference night club to create unique nights with lots of excitement and glamor.

Located in Torres Novas, in central Portugal, easily accessible and with parking.

With a privileged view of the Almonda River, Seven Club stands out as a harmonious, innovative and elegant space.

The music genre is very eclectic and diverse being combined by different theme parties, DJ's and guest artists, to meet the tastes of our customers, creating unique nights and an exceptional experience.

***Four Areas:***

**Club:** Entrance area, ideal for sipping our premium cocktails and drinks, making a perfect evening start.

**Main Room By ELIT:** Perfect place to dance all night long and experience unique moments of excitement.

**Deck Lounge:** Terrace by the river and with stunning views of the city gardens.

**First Floor:** For those looking for a different sound more towards Latin music.

Seven Club is a combination of professionalism and innovation that makes it charismatic!


Travessa do Açude Real

2350-769 Torres Novas Torres Novas, Portugal


Thur: 23.00 - 06:00

Sat: 23.00 - 06:00


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