Vilamoura, Portugal


BLISS – a concept dedicated to Algarve’s nightlife in Vilamoura.

From the foundations of a typical Algarvian building, arises a unique space, located in Vilamoura, where you will find in the same space three different ways to spend an unforgettable evening, notably the INDOOR, OUTDOOR and the VIP areas.

INDOOR – this space, indoors, offers the latest styles of music from R & B and hip-hop, fused with the minimalist and the complex.

OUTDOOR - -this space, exterior, is composed of three main bar areas and a huge dance floor where our resident Djs and guests, with their course taken in the best European universities and nightlife, you will get in full swing with the latest global sounds of House Music and Commercial Music.

VIP – in this space, also situated outdoors, you will find at your disposal a "Grey Goose" bar and seven large private VIP areas surrounding the Dj’s booth, as well as an area with a "Veuve Clicquot" bar and a large raised private VIP area for 30 people with exclusive access to this area.

Dazzling, sexy and fun, our bright young and lovely hostesses will always serve you with a smile, and our fit and charming boys too. Has the heat of the night wins you over, and it will, you no longer observe friendly strangers but you meet them eye-to-eye

You know that these evenings in the Algarve, these legendary BLISS nights, will become your place of choice to discover new friends and make new conquests!


Estrada de Albufeira

Vilamoura, Portugal


July 15th - August 30th
Everyday 23:00-06:00


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