Bucharest, Romania

Le Gaga

LeGaga Bucharest is one of the most cosmopolite venues belonging to Bamboo Group.
Located in the heart of Bucharest, next to Tei Lake, this chic and contemporary venue is perfect for entertaining both clients and friends with an ambiance and energy that is sure to wow and impress any audience.
The exquisitely designed nightclub welcomes patrons with an amazing energy and décor, dominated by vibrant colors and gorgeous lighting, creating a stylish and relaxing summer atmosphere.
Every Friday and Saturday night, LeGaga becomes the hottest party scene in the city. The team of professional dancers keeps the crowd animated and eager for fun and special guest artists along with international djs succeed in creating new and unique experiences.


Caroteni Street

Bucharest, Romania


Fri & Sat: 11:00pm - 05:00am


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