Kiev, Ukraine


D.Fleur (De Fleur) - the flagship of the legendary Kiev hangouts. We combined the best: in gastronomy, design, music, concept. Restaurant and party place, which will only work 3 days a week. From 18.00PM to 23.00PM you can enjoy the exquisite cuisine of our chef, and after midnight the restaurant turns into a luxurious party place until 6AM. For the development of the musical direction of the night club D.Fleur we invited art directors and residents of the iconic clubs of the Côte d'Azur, which helped us to transfer the mood of the best party place of Europe to the very heart of Kiev. The musical format of the institution is developed in conjunction with world-class DJs, residents of such clubs as Vip Room, Jimmyz, Bagatelle, Baoli, Cavalli Club Dubai, Queen Club Paris, Nikky Beach. DJ's of the top European clubs, unique shows, special secret guests and our French resident Dj Djass are waiting for you every week. The cuisine of D.Fleur is based on the best traditions of the Mediterranean, and our chefs perfectly adapted it to European tastes. Colorite will add the true British sound of the best acoustic systems - VOID Acoustics. Due to the well thought-out acoustic model of the room, D.Fleur will become one of the most high-profile clubs in Ukraine. Despite this, you can easily hear your interlocutor in the room and at the same time enjoy quality music. There is no such thing either in Kiev or in Ukraine.


Grushevsky 3.

01001 Kiev, Ukraine


Restaurant: Thursday - Saturday from 18:00PM - 23:00PM
Nightclub: Thursday to Saturday until 06:00AM


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