Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Baretto Londra

The “sceney” Baretto-Londra lounge offers award-winning signature cocktails and light meals, located on the main floor, the Bar’s dramatic entrance – an 18 meter-long translucent pathway in glowing white light enveloped in burgundy velvet and white-linen curtains is especially amusing in contrast to its whimsy, cozy, leather-clad aesthetic.

A homage to London, Rogerio Fasano’s favorite city in the world, Londra (London in Italian) flaunts a playful, and edgy rock and roll decor: mock, oversized flags of England, “Italianized” in red white and green set the jet-set tone of the place, while the Argentine redbrick walls are adorned with framed vintage LP record covers of the best of British artists, all from Rogerio Fasano’s personal collection. Open Monday through Saturday, Baretto-Londra brings black classic rock tunes and features occasional live shows and prestigious guest DJ’s.


Avenida Vieira Souto 80


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Mon-Wed: 19:00-01:00
Thur-Sat: 19:00-02:00


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