Bar Rouge, Shanghai / China

L'Original - Every Friday

04 January 2019, 22:00 to 03:00
Bar Rouge is bringing back L'Original to present you the most original Bar Rouge experience.

Topped up with performance extravaganza and champagne celebrations, enter glitterati's go-to venue in Shanghai and enjoy the waterfront's iconic view.

There will be rounds of shots & champagne given out for the ultimate Bar Rouge experience.

Shanghai, China

Bar Rouge

The terrace at Bar Rouge is Shanghai’s most chic summer party spot. But this year it’s been completely redesigned to create the most decadent club concept the city has ever seen. “We wanted to have something very fresh, like a renewal,” says Bar Rouge’s Operation Director Antoine Pernet. “Something very significant that came from outside, not something we’ve already seen in Shanghai before. We were thinking about everything that happens in Miami, Nikki Beach, Los Angeles, and that’s the experience we wanted to recreate.” “We wanted to give the terrace this new flavor, something that had never been seen before in Shanghai,” says Gwen, the chief designer on the project, who also worked on Mr & Mrs Bund and Barbarossa. “Last year the terrace was black and gold, and quite elegant, but this year is a totally different aesthetic, we wanted to use light and color to create an amazing clubbing experience. We generate all the atmosphere with the use of light.” The new terrace is awash with strong colors that instantly recreate that Summer Style aesthetic. Everything is red, white and tropical blue, from the tables and the seating to the bar, the carpets and even the sofa cushions. Plus, the lighting can be changed to bathe the terrace in different colors and even the table tops and the bar can change color to suit the mood of the party. Gwen created a number of other design features that have never been seen before in Shanghai. This is a smart terrace. If you want to call a waiter, press a button and your white tabletop will slowly turn red, summoning someone to take your order. All the sofas have compartments under the seats to store bags and jackets and VIP tables have built-in ice buckets. The illuminated poles for dance performances double up as sofas, and there are modular seats that can become tables, all created in the strong Shanghai Vice colors. The centerpiece of the new terrace is a VIP area with its own waiters and staff. The exclusive area is sure to become one of the chicest, most-watched spots in Shanghai, entertaining the city’s fashionistas and the international celebrities who cruise into town. The Shanghai Vice concept will last throughout the summer and be picked up in monthly parties featuring special performances and Bar Rouge’s arsenal of DJs. “Every month there will be a different Shanghai Vice Opus party,” says Antoine. “Normally you have a party concept and then you work on the design, but in this case it’s totally the opposite. We started with the design and created the party. Everything that happens at the party will develop the Shanghai Vice concept, from the music to the dancers and performers.”


7 F, Bund 18, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road

Near Nanjing Lu


Every day 18:00 - Late


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