AgeHa, Tokyo / Japan

10.7 Sun. velfarre × ageHa - agefarre 2018

07 October 2018, 19:00 to 05:00

The special event "agefarre" once a year to collaborate with the legendary club Roppongi velfarre, once named as the largest disco in Asia, and Japanese entertainment space Shinkiba age Ha collaborates on October 7th It is decided to hold it at Shinkiba ageHa in front of you.

Last year it was a great success with Mauro Picotto. It is the seventh time held this year, but as each year grows more excitement, the grand scale and the unity sense of unity overwhelm those who experience it. Not only the appearance of legendary overseas artists but also the enthusiastic groove by domestic resident DJs, the momentum continues to heat up.

The first release of "Limited Early Bird Discount Ticket" and "Limited Early Bird Deluxe Ticket" will be released at 12:00 on Thursday, July 12!
In addition, special guests, lineup of all areas will be announced!

Please be sure to look at its trends on special site, Facebook event page, etc.

Keep an eye on the evolution of the legendary party that keeps updating memories and records !!

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Tokyo, Japan


AGEHA HAS REINVENTED THE NIGHT AND OFFERS THE ULTIMATE JAPANESE NIGHTLIFE EXPERIENCE Ageha (butterfly in Japanese) is the most popular and biggest club in Japan, four gigantic stages and smaller hidden ones, an impeccable sound system and quality programming that clubs around the world envy, A factory where the names of the artists present are lined up in red and gold, a battery of employees to show you the way and take your coats and bags, everything at Ageha is made for you to enjoy your evening. The biggest names have been there, take a look at the agenda, there is something for all tastes and all styles.


2-2-10, Shinkiba



Thu-Sat: 23:00 - 05:00


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