SPIRITO , Brussels / Belgium

Replay 16/03

16 March 2018, 23:00 to 06:00
Are you tired of everyone telling you that the era of CDs is over, do you want to get out your old discman again and crack up the sound of Boy Bands, Alloy, G-Squad?

You wish you could party with your buffalos on, a bandana in your hair and tinted sunglasses to see life in pink?

You lived the GOOD OLD times and you want to relive them at least for one night ...

Do not desperately try to put the batteries in your Walkman, take your Kipling bag or Eastpak and enjoy the memories of your best years in Spirito Brussels!

Feel the air of yesteryear ... Dance to the rhythm of the 80's - 90's - 00's!

ReCall Earlier Days

Brussels, Belgium


THE TEMPLE OF THE NIGHT Spirito is located in the unique setting of a former ancient anglican church. In an innovative decor made of crystal and gold, SPIRITO BRUSSELS offers a huge dance floor in an incredible ambience. Three different bars are at your disposal in the club, in order to ensure your comfort. On the first floor, you can find the "Carré Dom Pérignon", where you can enjoy your night within a privatized area and a relaxation lounge. In a sumptuous and unique design, the centrepiece is a chandelier, made out of real Murano glass. Tinted glass railings, mirrors and clean lines make the place’s exceptional environment. Particular attention was paid to the lighting of the club, where the 'RGB lights' created a unique and mysterious atmosphere. Indeed, in a report by the edge channel 7, Spirito has been ranked as one of the most beautiful clubs in the world.


Rue de Stassart 18


Fri: 23:00 - 5:00 Sat: 23:00 - 06:00


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