Admiral Music Lounge, Giessen / Germany

Papi Choulo

25 December 2019, 22:00 to 05:00

We love the heat and flaming passion! We bring you the Caribbean feeling in your No.1 Hip Hop Club!

How does Havana sound? Or Cancun or Tijuana? Spend the night in the wildest party cities in the world!
With Papi Choulo we take you a long way to the warm south to the beach, sun & sea, carefree mood, the most delicious drinks and of course the craziest parties!

Put away all the worries for one night and celebrate the hottest Latin vibes and black beats ... DJ Chris Fernandez and DJ Ricky Morales heat you up a lot.

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Giessen, Germany

Admiral Music Lounge

THE ADMIRAL MUSIC LOUNGE CAUSES A SENSATION In December 2010 the Admiral Music Lounge opened its doors in Giessen close to Frankfurt. Since then celebrities like Paris Hilton, Sean Paul, Chris Brown & Rihanna have visited the club. After an extreme transformation, Admiral Music Lounge shines in a completely new robe. The elegant interior consists of one dance floor, a separate smoking area and VIP Lounge. Combined with new bars and the most modern lightning and sound engineering everything is set to a new standard in Germany.


Oberlachweg 11-13


Friday & Saturday 10 PM - 5 AM


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