Die Insel, Hamburg / Germany

PØP 2000er ★ FR 19.10 ★ Grand Opening

19 October 2018, 22:00 to 05:00
Can you remember? At the time that is not so long ago, but already a bit? The time we sent songs from Destiny's Child or Justin Timberlake via Nokia's infrared and Bluetooth to the Motorola flip phone ... Back when we were on the landline, MSN or ICQ with a bag of Yum-Yum and Center Shocks on Singstar evening to make us feel like Robbie Williams, Usher or J-Lo ... It's about the golden age when we stuck the patch like Nelly on our cheeks or we put on the NY cap like 50 Cent , Our glittery T-shirts, slim sunglasses and bell bottoms are still hidden somewhere in the closet and the last time we wore them as Alizée, Craig David and Daft Punk ruled the charts! What an incredible time that was just yesterday, right?

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Hamburg, Germany

Die Insel

THE UNDERWATER CLUB The Island - Germany's first underwater club is located in the city center of Hamburg. Right in the Mönckebergstraße in the Levantehaus, where the Hyatt - one of the most famous hotels in Hamburg sits. Not far from Hamburg Central Station, "the island" can be reached from any direction in Hamburg in no time at all. The island of Hamburg offers ten high-quality lounges suitable for 4-10 people in an area of ​​over 380 m², an aquarium with more than 18,000 liters capacity and 1,500 different fish, and the ceiling of the dance floor is covered with over 10,000 mother-of-pearl discs. Further highlights are the 220 aluminum fishes, which are flocked in the front area of ​​the club to the first two bars, as well as the 7 meter long bar in the back area, which is decorated with gold leaf on the front.


Mönckebergstraße 7


Fri-Sat 23.00 - 08.00 IMPORTANT: Die Insel is an exclusive event and party venue. Events mostly take place on fridays and saturdays. We recommend World Membercard Holders to book through the WFC concierge or to call for the event schedule before accessing the club.


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