Jimmy Woo, Amsterdam / Netherlands

Cribs | Jimmy Woo

02 November 2019, 22:00 to 05:00
Remember that feeling when you went to your favourite Crib?We’re having you get to know us and the way we do things with a new and refreshing night in the Jimmy Woo!

Where we’ll take you with us into a great night that grows into an awesome party like you haven’t seen in a long time!!! We’ll start by gracefully greeting the ladies with some R&B to dance to, just to get your gears started and work all the way up to some climaxes!

After that we pick up steam and we’ll give you some tunes to sing along to (or scream if you want to) just to switch over to those exact climaxing songs that’ll make you sweat all over with some hip-hop, dancehall & reggaeton.

We’re keeping this tempo up until the lights come on! Make sure to never miss this!!! Our house is your house. Your new home back at our crib!


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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jimmy Woo

Special trips, enrichment and exciting encounters have given Mr. Woo new energy and inspiration to redecorate his home in Amsterdam, more rough and bizarre than ever. Inspired by knowledge -and love- of art and materials combined with a refined sense of the latest trends inmusic and design. The interior The signature originates from Jimmy Woo’s personal view of the world, from South Africa, Italy, Asia and LA to the Belgian brasseries and nightclubs in the sixties to eighties. In summary: LA, Rock & the eighties. A few clues: Casper Reinders (owner), chose cork on the walls, moon-shaped seating booths, one with bronze resin topped skull and bonebar of artist John Broad, multi-round DJ booths and a laboratory of Bols genever. The new color: brown. Throughout the club you find eighty copper domed lamps hanging, designed by Maretti and custom made. The impressive lamp above the staircase is created by Thijs Murre. Suede sofas, an original Persian rug on the floor and antique cabinets behind the bar. Tattoo Artist Tygo Veldhoen signed a performance art on the wall that runs the books. Architecture, history, rock and the photos of Michael Josephs, shot with a traditional 35mm black and white film, gives a unique perspective. After seven years of loyal service one element survives the make-over: the fascinating ceiling with more than twelve thousand lamps. Jimmy Woo –again- has found his own style. Superior craftsmanship of artists, the world of Mr. Woo anno 2012 made sexy and raw. Mr. Woo's new lifestyle and renewed originality will be reflected in the club. Jimmy Woo redefined.


Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18


Thu 23:00 - 03:00 Fri - Sat 23:00 - 04:00


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