Guia, Arcos de Valdevez / Portugal

Valter Carvalho | GUIA

12 October 2019, 22:00 to 05:00
Valter Carvalho, the well-known model who has been DJing at national and international booths, makes his GUIDE debut next Saturday and is sure to show what he's capable of!

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Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal


The year 2017 was an important year in northern Portugal’s nightlife scene as Guia reopened our doors after a long wait. Guia’s great reputation and ability to create incredible nightlife experiences have impressed so many of guests over the years and now, following its reopening, it is even even bigger and better. Elegant details, sophisticated touches and a classy and inviting color scheme now characterize Guia venue and sets it apart from the rest. The general access area now boasts a dedicated cocktail bar and two additional bars, one the width of the dance floor. The VIP area has its own dedicated car park, bar, spacious luxury bathrooms and easy access to the cloakroom, while the elevated VIP area gives the perfect view of the DJ and dance floor, allowing guests to fully experience all the best of what is a unique party ambience. At GUIA the music genre varies from a wide array of commercial hits, tunes from the 80's and 90’s, to more specific tastes matching the many themed events that are hosted, along with the invited DJ’s and artists. Guia’s main mission is to provide its’ clients with the best atmosphere and experience possible. GUIA is here to make its mark not only in Portugal, but, also on the global nightlife. The motto Guia lives by is, "dá sentido à tua noite", which in English means “give meaning to your night”.


Lugar de Pogido – Gondoriz Arcos de Valdevez


Sat: 00.00 - 06:00


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