Club Bellevue, Zurich / Switzerland

Letter S w/ SABB

25 May 2019, 22:00 to 00:00

LETTER S | 25.05 Club Bellevue

For (S) pay, (S) pass & (S) pension (s) orgen with (s) uper (S) and on this (S) day:


All their first names begin with S are of course super special and are treated like superstars and supermodels.
That means free entry, because you can be spontaneously proud!

From the shaker there are special shots, in sex on the beach an extra shot of spirit and the sangria waits.
Of course, sake and sushi should not be missing, and between them you can fillet sweeties.

The Swiss are drinking, the Scots are drinking, the Spaniards are dancing salsa, the Swedes are keen, the Serbs are bringing good luck and the South Koreans are being talked about.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Club Bellevue

Right by Zurich Bellevue Square at Freieckgasse, one can find Club Bellevue. With a state-of-the-art sound system by VOID and a casual party atmosphere, it is crystal clear that music takes center stage here. It is a top location for all music lovers, but also for clubbers who just want to get carried away by the music and dance through the night. Those who prefer a larger, more mainstream club, should perhaps keep looking, because Club Bellevue is far more unique and authentic, with a great personal vibe. The music scene’s international artists, but particularly local stars, give intimate performances at this petite venue. Quality instead of quantity is the credo. What is most important for owner and manager Marco Ammann is that his guests can enjoy the music fully, let go and party properly.


Rämistrasse 6


Hours: Friday 23.00 - Open End Saturday 23.00 - Open End


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