ORA, Miami / United States


20 January 2018, 23:00 to 05:00
DJ EVER hosted by ORA Miami!

Saturday, January 20th!

Be there!

Miami, United States


Located at 2000 Collins Avenue, Ora has been designed with a multi-million interior by Parisian designer Francois Frossard, and conceptualized by a group of nightlife veterans; Dana Dwyer, Ryan Van Milligen, and Greg See who have - until now - been behind the scenes. Ora is inspired by the great nightlife moments of the past, but looks ahead to the future by catering to both locals and the jet setters clamoring for friendly service and decadent nightlife. Service will be a bit different here - be greeted at your car with an umbrella, have your martini hand shaken at your table beneath an authentic Banksy, and dance amongst friends in the most authentic setting. We admire classic trailblazers and modern day hell raisers - from Brigette Bardot’s messy bouffant and casually placed cigarette, to Bianca Jagger’s perfect pantsuits and predilection for a debaucherous disco party, to David Bowie’s androgynous Ziggy Stardust and Stevie Nick’s indomitable gypsy spirit. Miami - this one’s for you!


2000 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach


Wed, Fri & Sat: 11:00pm - 05:00am


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