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Your key 
to a perfect night!

  • Unrestricted access to all clubs in network
  • Access to VIP areas
  • 24/7 Concierge Service
  • Special rates at 5 star hotels
  • Invitations to exclusive parties
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Joining this special club will change your night life!

Be the star of the evening and get into the World’s Finest Clubs like you are a regular - anywhere in the world! You can be sure that any club in our network offers a unique experience and caters to chic clientele who expect nothing less than the best clientele just like you. Get ready to find yourself in the VIP room, celebrating an epicurean life beyond queues. Once you have experienced a night out with a World's Finest Clubs card in hand, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

The World's Finest Clubs is your key to a network of the world's most exclusive clubs.

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Free club entrance
No queuing
VIP area access
24/7 concierge service
Hotel & restaurants privileges
Online table booking
Exclusive party invitations
Premium card
Express card delivery
Welcome surprise gift
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Join thousands of people like you

For me, the biggest benefit of the WFC-card is the fact that you do not have to queue nor pay anymore to get into the club: show up at the entrance, ask for the door manager and just show the card. I have never been refused at any of the participating clubs. On the contrary, on some occasions the door manager even allowed me to take my other friends (next to the +1 which comes with the card) through the VIP entrance without queueing. I guess it shows the recognition from the clubs towards the card and its holders.

David Diris, Lawyer, Kocks & Partners Brussels

As an international business traveler I would highly recomend it.

Private Member

WFC Connects people around the world. As for me as a member I have drawn unique benefits of my membership. Both personal and in my business life, many of my good contacts in my network have been made through the WFC. No mater where you find a WF club, you are sure to experience a unique and fun night out. For me the finest clubs around the world is a place to meet exciting people while having fun. Well... Some of the best business deals are sometimes made over a drink in the bar.

Jesper Alexander Conrad, Country Manager, Tag Heuer (LVMH)

Great card to have when always on the move. Perfect when travelling and bringing friends or clients out.

Private Member

Very useful for someone who goes to clubs very frequently and travels worldwide.

Private Member

It's great value for money when travelling to cities where one isn't a regular customer. Quick and free entry with a plus one.

Private Member

This card will change the way you party !

Yusuf Nalwala

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About the World's Finest Clubs

We put the finest clubs and the finest people together, around the world.

It all starts with our network - over 120 of the most exclusive, most elegant, trend-setting clubs all over the globe. We travel far and wide in search of locations that meet our rigorous criteria. Our multi faceted approach includes evaluation of atmosphere, service, the so called "it" factor, and of course an in-person appraisal. Only the most deserving clubs are awarded the World's Finest Clubs Awards, and added to the network.

For those who demand the highest quality in everything they experiance, The World Member Card is the key to a perfect night. Card members recieve VIP access to every club in our network, 24/7 concierge service, special rates at 5 star hotels, and more.

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