Singapore, Singapore

New Majestic Hotel

Entering the New Majestic Hotel, you'll be struck by its heritage chic, like a modernized vignette of colonial Singapore. The stripped concrete ceiling of the lobby provides a striking contrast to the restored vintage Compton fans and doctors' chairs.If possible, check out the rooms before checking in. Decide if you prefer twin cast-iron baths, or a private garden. 25 of the New Majestic's 30 rooms portray different interpretations of four themes: Mirror, Hanging Bed, Aquarium, and Loft. In addition, the New Majestic has five "concept" rooms, designed by five eminent Singaporean designers. The artwork is original, site-specific, and much of it plays with your sense of space - like a giant goldfish mural that makes you feel like you're inside the tank. And then there's the portholes in the bottom of the pool allow you to float above the diners in the Majestic Restaurant, a final testament to the beautifully surreal atmosphere at this unique Singapore boutique.


31-37 Bukit Pasoh Road

089845 Singapore, Singapore



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