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Corporate member-cards

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Loyalty card Advantages
  • Two Corporate Pricing Models: Quantity / Batch Mode Consignment Model
  • Your Logo and Brand engraved on Cards
  • Anonymized cards
  • Quick time-to-market
  • Full control of renewal-cycle
  • Specialized Concierge Service
  • Events production for yout label
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Use of the Corporate Cards as loyalty reward

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Win clients and streghten business relationship

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Entertain clients, partners, network

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3.000Events per year

We bring in the happy...

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  • Emotions during card handover: Surprised
  • Feelings about card qualities: Empowered, honoured
  • Ultimate emotional status: Cool
  • First use of card emotions: Very special, prestigious, important
  • Reaction to you and your brand: Lasting gratitude
  • Business relationship status: Strong emotional bond
A top 3 global bank is our most
active corporate client

Great card to have when always on the move. Perfect when travelling and bringing friends or clients out.

Private Member, Sweden

Very useful for someone who goes to clubs very frequently and travels worldwide.

Private Member, United Kingdom

It's great value for money when travelling to cities where one isn't a regular customer. Quick and free entry with a plus one.

Private Member, Sweden

Enduring Loyalty Across Generations

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The Card

The "World's Finest Clubs Card" is "the insider" within any loyalty program and the perfect product for your selected customers

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Emotional connection

No other loyalty rewards makes your customer feel connected with your organisation at this emotional level

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No other loyalty rewards makes your customer feel connected with your organisation for full 12 months and longer

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Transferrable Cards

As the corporate cards are transferrable your customer will transport your brand to the next generation

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Positive Brand Emotions

Your brand will be unbreakably linked to positive emotions of your customer

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Huge Impact

Much bigger and longer enduring impact compared to common loyalty products at overall lower cost

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Increase of Business Partnerships

Your customer's readiness for business with you will noticeably increase, his departure risk reduced

Corporate Premium Package

The Corporate Premium Card Offering includes a dedicated top class Concierge Service for Table Reservations and Hotel & Restaurant Bookings with all World’s Finest Clubs Partners. The service can be contacted through all modern communication tools such as tel, sms, WhatsApp, viber, etc.

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As we are aware of the importance of your very special relationship with your client, we also offer the following Additional Services as an option for the Corporate Premium Card Offering and we’ll do everything to exceed your expectations at all times:

Premium ac0924501295db3fa27366127d10aa998da036bf030fba4d7b12dcce737ebd04
  • Airport Transfer Service
  • Translation Service
  • Flower & Gift Service
  • Courier Service
  • Investigation Service
  • All travel bookings
  • Restaurant and Spa booking service
  • Limo Service
  • Gym and personal trainer
  • Yacht and jet charter service

EVENTS: As an additional option we can organize and market events for your brand at the best locations helping you to give your very special customers an unforgettable experience.



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