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Your Nightlife Guide to 72 Hours in Marrakech

There are few places more alive than Marrakesh. The Moroccan city is famous for the buzzing bazaars in its jam-packed ancient city, while also having plenty of idyllic gardens and other spots to sit back and relax in if the crowds get too much. And, best of all, it has one of the best culinary and nightlife scenes in all of North Africa, with a unique blend of cultures and creeds turning the city into a melting pot of the best kind. If you’re heading for a weekend getaway to this Imperial City, then read ahead for our guide to 72 Hours in Marrakesh.


As your taxi takes you into the city you unwind the windows and are hit with the gorgeous scent of scorching air mingling with perfumed trees. The Atlas Mountains rise up in the distance, but you’re focused on the bustling city in its foothills, where you’re about to spend an unforgettable weekend.

You don’t go straight into the thrum of the city, first entering the palatial grounds of your accommodation for the weekend: Fairmont Royal Palm Marrakesh. Spread out over 231 acres and with orchards and stunning views of the mountains, the only thing more luxurious than the hotel surroundings are the rooms themselves. Yours is massive, complete with a welcoming bed and plush furnishings, but there’s no time to nap. You’ve only got a weekend here, and you can sleep when you’re not in this incredible city.

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It’s the middle of the day so the heat is creeping up to the top of the thermometer, so you take a cab the short distance into town and get dropped off at Le Palace, the premiere bar and cigar club in the city. Sitting in the outside section you get the benefit of shade, breeze, and ice-cold cocktails made by the city’s finest bartenders. If you want to sample some excellent cigars, you’re in luck: they have the best collection in the country, and you can have a puff while the DJ sets the mood perfectly. Small and large plates are on offer, so whether you’re feeling famished or just want to line your stomach, you’re in luck.

For bookings at Le Palace Marrakech, please visit the Le Palace Marrakech page

Before you know it, the lavender of evening has drifted over the city. You order a couple more cocktails, then get ready for a night of dancing, but not here. Theatro is just a stone’s throw from the world-famous Medina, and with a history stretching back 60 years (although it only became its current iteration in the early 2000s), the unique architecture and world-class sound system make it one of the best nights out in the entire country, let alone just the city. Before you know it, it’s the wee hours and you’re being shepherded into a cab, where you’re driven back to your idyllic accommodation so you can collapse into bed.

For bookings at Theatro Marrakech, please visit the Theatro Marrakech page


You can’t visit Marrakesh without exploring the famous markets of the Medina, where sellers hawk all kinds of wares from cooling peppermint tea to fine silks worthy of a sultan. You wander past the street stalls and cafes that pack the labyrinthine lanes and nhave a go at haggling with some of the locals.

Eventually you find yourself at Jemaa El-Fnna, the city’s main square, where you’re met with a sensual overload. Snake charmers, street dancers, and even acrobats show off, and you wonder why anyone in this city pays for entertainment.

Evening is starting to settle so you head to the casino, where you’re led to Palais Jad Mahal, one of the best bars in the city. Here, you’re treated to a delicious local meal, top-shelf drinks, and the best belly dancing you’ve ever seen. The DJ then takes over and your fellow revellers spill onto the dancefloor, where you join them for an unforgettable night. Soon it’s the 2am cut-off point, and you’re already starting to miss the city, even though you have a day left of your holiday.

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You wake up early and take an organised trip to the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, where you go on a short hike before the weather heats up too much. With that said, you’re sweating out the last two days of drinks within the hour, but it’s worth it for the sweeping city views. You head back down to the hotel where you grab a much-needed shower and lunch, then pack up - but you’re not done with the city yet, as your flight isn’t until the evening.

There’s no doubt in your mind where you’re returning to: Le Palace welcomes you with open arms once again, and you treat yourself to a drink and a meal after your exertions this morning. While sipping on the icy beverage, you begin planning your next trip to this truly tantalising city, hoping that you won’t have to wait too long your return.

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