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Cocktails and Clubbing in Berlin

Berlin’s reputation as a nightlife mecca stretches back into the early 20th century, when under the Weimar Republic it flourished as the cultural and fun-loving epicentre of the Western world. Nowadays that spirit lives on, and not just until 3pm on a Sunday at Berghain; there are plenty of venues that capture the magic and elegance of the roaring 20s, from refined cocktail bars to high-end clubs that demand you dress to impress. If you love fancy drinks and fancier venues, then read ahead for our guide to cocktails and clubbing in Berlin!


Green Donor

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This retro, NYC-inspired cocktail bar is one of the best in the city, delivering on great decor, excellent mixologists, and a classy atmosphere. As you enter through the (unsurprisingly) green door, you immediately see the long wooden bar, as well as being immersed in bubbling conversation and the intriguing aesthetic. A self-proclaimed mix of ‘a private salon and a David Lynch movie’, the painted walls are as interesting as they are unique. But while all of this makes for a great visual spectacle, the main attraction is the drinks. Classics are made perfectly, while the specialist creations vary, with some arriving to your table in an artistic fashion. Whether you have an old favourite or want to try something new, you’ll enjoy your tipple here.

Rum Trader

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The staff in this speakeasy venue are what turn it from a nice place to have a drink into something exceptional. An intimate bar with a wide selection, the bartenders have a depth of knowledge that could see them working anywhere in the world, and the waiters and waitresses always hit it right on the money with their suggestions. The lighting is low, the drinks are strong, and the decor makes you feel like a writer touring Europe in the 20s – what more could you want from your cocktail bar?

Victoria Bar

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When you ask locals for their favourite place to grab cocktails in all of Berlin, Victoria Bar is inevitably mentioned. This smart, welcoming venue manages to keep a friendly, eclectic vibe while maintaining a refined atmosphere. The talented bar staff are happy to vary your order if you have a special preference for a cocktail, and as long as they have the right ingredients they always do a damn good job of it. The lighting is just low enough to get you in the mood, but not so low you can’t see the people you’re with or the charming decor, often a problem in these sorts of establishments. Most importantly, everything they do is quality, and well worth the trip to windy Potsdamer Street to experience.


The Pearl

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Sleek, stylish, and yet Berlin enough to keep going until the sun rises, The Pearl has been creating great nightlife stories for thousands of revellers for almost a decade now. As you’re let in past the massive queue thanks to our concierge service, you’re immediately thrust into the bar and lounge area, which contains a jewel-like bar and a stunning waterfall feature, as well as places to sit and music to groove to. From there, you can head into the bright, colourful club, which is lit up by a breathtaking illumination system that flashes like an 80s video game. Music is a combination of chart and electronic, and the crowd is always happily dancing away. The VIP area overlooks all of this, and on your table you’ll be treated to bottle service as well as having the ability to slip in and out of the madness. One of Berlin’s premiere establishments, this is a must visit.


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Right in Berlin’s beating heart, under the Hilton Hotel, lies one of its best nightclubs. BRICKS is an astounding venue that melds industrial chic with big beats and a great crowd who just want to let loose. RnB and Hip-Hop are the main genres of music they play, so get ready to hear some classics as well as a few more modern hits – sometimes, they even have guest appearances from big names, such is the pull of the venue. There are VIP spots throughout even though the club is fairly intimate, but that just means you’re never too far from the action; best of all, the table comes with top-class champagne, so you’ll be the envy of the pumping dance floor. Quick, helpful staff, quality DJs, and everything in-between: a visit to BRICKS is well worth spending a Berlin night on.

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