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New Club Listing: W Club Bahrain

Without a doubt the club in Bahrain, W-Club WETNESS has earned its popularity in the Arabian nightlife scene. One of the more liberal countries in the region, the Bahraini crowd here is a great mixture of expats living their best weekends and locals who want to have a good time, so the vibe is always spot on. With that said, it’s a classy venue with plenty of glamour, so while it might be more laid back than some other spots on the Gulf Coast, make sure you’re looking fine if you want to get yourself on the dance floor.

Like most of Bahrain, the best way to arrive is by car, and thankfully there’s plenty of parking so you don’t have to worry about that part of the evening. As you enter the club you’ll notice the plush surroundings and charming decor, as well as the sweet scent of shisha drifting from within.

The venue itself is massive, but there are always plenty of partiers packed into the huge hall so the atmosphere is always thumping. Drinks flow freely and are mixed by some of the best bartenders in the country, and even if you don’t fancy throwing shapes all night you’ll still be entertained by the endless dancers and performers rattling through the club. Plus, you can treat yourself to a shisha pipe to share with friends. We’d highly recommend table service to get the best of this venue, so you can focus on enjoying your time and not lining up at the bar – as talented as the staff are, the venue is so large it can be a big wait for refreshments for those not in the VIP section.

W-Club WETNESS is proud of its Arabian roots, and the music is all from the region. From old school desert disco to more modern Arab beats, even if you don’t know the tunes you’ll feel the rhythm and be able to get right into it – aided by the incredible sound system that would put some of the best European clubs to shame.

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