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New Listing: Bestial Beach Club

What could be better than sitting by the stunning Mediterranean, cocktail in hand, while the sun massages your worries away? At Bestial Beach Club, this fantasy quickly becomes a reality, but you’ll also be able to indulge in some of the finest food in all of Barcelona, while sipping on ice cold beverages and being surrounded by the city’s most elegant crowd.

Exclusive but not haughty, and calm but not boring, Bestial Beach Club is the perfect spot to start your day of fun, or just to unwind as the sun sets. Even with the idyllic surroundings the food is the main highlight here, with fresh produce from the sea and mountains that surround the city supplying the talented chefs with everything they need so that they can craft some astoundingly delicious small plates. The bar is well stocked with fine wines from various countries, local craft beers, and the spirits needed to make everyone’s favourite cocktails.

Music is key at Bestial Beach Club, helping to maintain the perfect vibe no matter the time of day. While the sun is up there’s calming tunes playing on the terrace, but as night falls and visitors begin to think about the evening ahead, the energy picks up a little. This is certainly helped by the entertainment on show, which is anything from local dancers to a live band to serenade visitors to the club.

One of the best things about Bestial Beach Club is its friendly, smart staff, who seem to know what you want before you do. They manage to be a constant presence but don’t feel like they’re being invasive, catering to your every want without being stifling. If you need anything, whether it’s a menu recommendation or local tips for sightseeing, they’ll be more than happy to help.

Sun, sea, and delicious food: what more could you want in a beach club?

For more information, go to the Bestial Beach Club

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