Warsaw, Poland


Level27 is a stylish club where you release all your senses! Starting from engulfing feelings of relaxation through crazy party until sunrise. A unique view of Warsaw make sunrises and sunsets more unusual and will be closer to you more than ever.
800 m2 of modern interiors, omnipresent color of steel copper. Edisson bulbs and green moss give the interior a unique character. Enthralling sound for music, original drinks and eventually the floor laid with 200,000 euro coins cents, make you remember this place and you will want to come back here again. Round, spacious terrace with an amazing view of the skyline of Warsaw is the culminating place club. Sitting in a box, late in the evening, you can soak up the magnificent view to later enter the dance floor and give up fun in the open air. The idea behind level27 is the entrance to the highest level of relaxation and entertainment.


Jerozolimskie 123a St.

Millennium Plaza tower, floor 27

02-017 Warsaw, Poland


Friday - Saturday: 10:00 PM - 6:00 AM


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