Manama, Bahrain

Pulse VIP

Set in Bahrain’s most buzzing nightlife district since 2006, Pulse VIP redefines the Kingdom’s Arabic clubbing experience and is known for being selective. In the vibrant ambiance it offers as much as the guests it welcomes.

The Heart of Pulse VIP beats with funky fusion of Arabic, Western and Latino vibes every night, all night. Boasting unique elegant designs, state-of-the-art sound and light shows and a genuine hospitable atmosphere, Pulse VIP in not only the place to be for nightclub goers, but also the place to break limits and be more satisfied, more entertained, more open-minded and above all, more VIP.

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Grand Safir Hotel

BLD 740, Block 324, Road 2412

P.O. Box 65154 Manama, Bahrain


Daily: 09:00pm - 02:00am


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