Club L1, Leipzig / Germany

My Homies are Dirty Puro Beach Dresden Edition

28 July 2017, 20:00 to 06:00
Over Cover:

Line Up:

▶ DJ O'NIT (Berlin | Tour DJ and others by KidInk, Seal Paul, A $ AP)

▶ MiguelinBeatz (Berlin, Latino, Avenue, BRICKS, Tube)

▶ VINZMARINE (Berlin, L1 resident)

▶ exclusive L1 VIP area
▶ Shisha Lounge
▶ LIVE Dance Performance, #Teamonit


▶ until 11.00 pm Ladies 6 € plus Hugo for free
▶ Gents 8 €

▶ from 11.00 pm Ladies 8 € plus Hugo for free
▶ Gents 10 €

Leipzig, Germany

Club L1

CLUB L1 is a downtown Leipzig based event location with a large sized main floor. The main floor is separated in discrete and pleasant nearby Lounge areas as well as a dance floor. A modern high-end sound system as well as impressive light- and video-setup create an exclusive atmosphere. A mixture between stylish interior and unique eye catchers form the code and concept throughout the exclusive club. Flexible room design offers enough space for small and personal but also large sized events to fit your needs. We offer you a flexible home base for your event and help you with our professional skills to make your event come true.


Markt 17



Wed: from 20.00pm Fri, Sat: from 23.00pm


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