Symbol, Budapest / Hungary

Barber Battle Budapest The Finish

22 October 2017, 17:30 to 05:00
Barber Battle Budapest The Finish at Symbol, Budapest!

Mystery Gang takes over the stage and a dawning party starts with TOP DJs!

17:30 Gateway, guest arrival
18:00 Barber Haircut Section I
19:00 Barber Haircut Section II
20:00 Memphis Moon '55 Live Concert
20:30 Handling Section I
21:30 Handling Section II
22:30 Audience Competition
23:00 RESULTS, Finals
23:20 Mystery Gang Concert
00:20 Party

Pre-purchased tickets: 2.000 HUF / person
Available in limited numbers.

Budapest, Hungary


This unique gastronomy and entertainment venue combines traditional, classic interior with the latest design elements. Symbol, undoubtedly stands for elegance, fashion, high society lifestyle and is the meeting point of the celebrities and the decision makers. The speciality of this place comes from the location. The several venues built within these antique walls, offering various gastronomical experiences. The 220 refers to the cellar, but the tabernacle, front veranda and baroque roof truss also remained. The old well in the garden, which legend says was the place where they hid the Holy Crown (of Hungary) at one time, also remains as it was. Another legend builds on the 20th Century: Ferenc Puskás (or as Hungarians call him: Puskás Öcsi bácsi). The Puskás Pancho Sport Pub is dedicated to his memory, which became a place of pilgrimage for Hungarian and international football fans alike.


Budapest Bécsi str. 56


Closed for Summer season. The club will re-open in September.


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