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A Long Weekend in Brussels

Brussels might be the seat of European power, but it remains an underrated getaway destination thanks to its multiculturalism, selection of great bars and restaurants, and abundance of delicious beer and chocolate. If you’re heading to the capital of Belgium and looking for some inspiration as to what to do there, then read ahead for our guide to a long weekend in Brussels!


The Sofitel Brussels Le Louise is a magical spot that combines modern design with classic hospitality. Your room is comfortable, spacious, and has great views over the central location that the hotel is placed in, but you’ve only got a little time in this wonderful city, so you begin sightseeing straight away.

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Your first stop is the magnificent Gran-Place, right in the heart of the city and a stone’s throw from your accommodation. Here there are market stalls, as well as plenty of opportunity to indulge in the famous fat fried chips that the city is known for. But don’t fill up too much: your lunch reservations are soon, and they’re at the vaunted Bozar Restaurant.

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Situated in the Center for Fine Arts, this two-starred eatery is just as inventive as its artistic surroundings, delivering surprising and joyous dishes to your table. Every meal here is an adventure, and by the end of yours, you’ll have a new appreciation for what food can be.

After lunch you head to the northern part of the city to visit the famous Atomium. The large metal structure was only supposed to be temporary, but has become a fixture in the Brussels skyline, complete with intriguing exhibits and internal architecture. After exploring, you head back to the cobbled streets of the city centre, passing by attractions like Manneken Pis.

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Before you know it, you’re heading to dinner at senzanome, the city’s finest Italian restaurant. With modern, bright decor and fantastic twists on old classics, a meal here is a culinary discovery, and by the end of the tasting menu you’ll have a whole new appreciation for how to eat food. However, there’s not too much time to linger on just how good the meal was, because your next stop is a big night out at Spirito.

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You skip the queue and head straight to a VIP table, secured courtesy of our nightlife concierge service. From there, you explore the club’s multiple floors, taking in its stunning aesthetic while trying drinks from its three bars. The vibe is perfect and the music exactly what you need, and the hours whizz by. Soon, you’re back at your accommodation, ready to hit the hay in preparation for another day of fun.


After a quick breakfast you head to Parc du Cinquantenaire, where you take in the fresh air and look at the beautifully sculpted gardens, before wandering around the centre of the city and checking out the European Parliament building.

Next up is lunch at Comme Sez Choi, a truly special and innovative eatery that delivers fresh takes on local classics, utilising the very best ingredients possible. You pair wine with your lunch for the full experience, and by the end you’re wishing you could start the meal all over again, even though you’re practically bursting.

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To burn off all that food and drink you meander down to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Belgium, where you spend hours wandering through the halls and checking out famous works. The building itself is worthy of hosting such beautiful pieces, and has an incredibly interesting history too, having been opened by Napoleon in the 19th century.

After taking in all that culture, you’re ready for dinner at La Paix. Another contemporary Belgian spot with a Michelin star, the food here is utterly divine, and the tasting menu flies by in a flurry of sensations.

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You end the night at Delirium, home to over 2,000 different delicious Belgian beers, and a couple of dance floors that the locals flock to. Fun, loud, and always a great night out, this venue is a Brussels nightlife institution – just make sure you don’t chug too many of the 9% beers, or you’ll struggle to head home without stumbling!


You have a few hours to relax before you leave but you want to get one last bit of sightseeing in after breakfast, so you head back north to the shadow of the Atomium and check out Mini Europe. Walking through the model continent is a wonderful way to end your trip, but even better is one final, fantastic meal. So, you head to your last lunch at 9 et Voisons, one of the best Flemish restaurants in all the city. As you dig into an Instagrammable but hearty meal, you’re already missing the Belgian capital, and hoping you can come back soon.

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