Paris, France


A cozy atmosphere for a secret and cheeky club.

It is not easy to impress in Paris. To create a restaurant, bar, hotel or retail establishment that stands out, surprises the locals and the jetsetting international visitors, and creates positive buzz that lasts more than a night, is a serious challenge. The collective talents and star power of the team behind Le Restaurant Matignon are significant enough to suggest that a new, permanent player has arrived on the scene.

At 3 Avenue Matignon, just a few steps off Champs‐Elysées, Matignon promotes itself as “restaurant and playground” but in plain terms it is a restaurant, bar and nightclub that has already hosted several lavish private parties for high-end brands and media. Matignon was founded by Paris-born international promoter and artistic director Cyril Péret (Paglinghi) and Gilbert Costes, one of the Parisian Costes hospitality triumvirate (brothers Jean-Louis and Gilbert and Gilbert’s son, Thierry).

Péret has entertained and cooperated with celebrities throughout his career in Miami and Paris, while the Costes brothers are no strangers either to working with celebrities and top-level designers and architects. At Matignon, Garcia has created a luxurious mix of eclectic and opulent, subdued and bold, elegant and funky.


3 Avenue Matignon Paris 8

75008 Paris, France


Restaurant daily 08:00 - 02:00

Club Mon - Thu 23:30 - 05:00
Fri - Sat 22:30 - 05:00


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