Kampen - Sylt, Germany

Club Rotes Kliff

The Night Club Club Rotes Kliff is located on the exceptionally picturesque german north-sea island of Sylt. You‘ll find the club in the center of a beautiful village called Kampen. The village is a well known refugy for VIPs and TV stars who chose this beautiful place to find inspiration and relaxation from the exertions of their work. More precisely: One of the best places to be in Germany.

In 2010 the Club Rotes Kliff celebrates its 30th anniversary. For this reason the club has been completely redesigned. And despite the fresh and edgy flair of the Club Rotes Kliff it did not loose any of its „Wohnzimmer von Deutschland“ reputation („Germanys Top Living-Room“). Which also means: no matter what age over 18 - you are going to have a gorgeous party in the Club Rotes Kliff. The Club-Chief Peter Kliem is the gatekeeper of these values and the soul of this cosmopolitan and inspiring Club.

During the summer season the Club Rotes Kliff opens its doors every night from 11 PM and beyond summer the Club opens during the weekends.

Listen or dance to contemporary dance tunes presented by prestigious DJs and have a glass of champagne or the Club-Insider-Drink „Woki“ (speak: vo-key). Simply meet the unique spirit of the islands Headquarter of premium Nightlife


Braderuper Weg 3

25999 Kampen - Sylt, Germany



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