Guatemala City, Guatemala


A meeting point between the east and the west where it then travels to Central America creating an authentic place of fusion food and drinks in Guatemala City. The Ambia experience creates a journey through the senses of the palate. From dishes with bases from Thailand, sushi and tapas to continental flavors with native species and surprises from Guatemala. Ambia is the meeting point for great food experience and after lunch or dinner, our customers stay in the lounge or in the small pine tree forest for the best cocktails in town.

Located in the most prestigious area of Guatemala City, right in the middle of a small pine tree forest. We offer lunch and dinner as well as an after hours experience in our unique setting. Our excellent customer service together with our high quality cuisine helps us deliver only the best experience to our customers. It is the place to see and be seen in Guatemala City.


10a Av. 5-49

Zona 14 Guatemala City, Guatemala



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