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The World’s Finest clubs can be found in the most trendy locations on the planet. Be it in cities, beach resorts or alpine resorts. They are outstanding locations in terms of design, entertainment experience and service.

They represent a unique marketing activation network towards a cosmopolitan, high net worth, opinion leading and passionate audience that above all values quality, service and joy of life.

If you are looking to market to this audience, follow it around the world or in specific locations, our network of the 165 best dance, supper, beach and alpine clubs is what you are looking for.

Among our global entertainment brands you find The World’s Finest Clubs, Nikki Beach, Bagatelle, Billionaire, Cavalli, Ce La Vie and many others.

Our audience is in the market for the finest things in life.

A great audience in demographics and numbers

Every year The World’s Finest clubs are visited by 6.5 million individuals, 24.5 million people visit their websites, 9.5 million people follow them on social media and their video’s have been seen more than 1 billion times!

The typical World’s Finest Club vistor lives in a world city, has a superior income and education and is 24-49 years old.

Is passionate about music, entertainment and gastronomy. Is highly interested in fashion, cars, watches, travel, beauty, luxury services and financial services Loves tailor made and bespoke products to stand out from the crowd
Seeks experiences that enrich and give a purpose to life Uses technological gadgets and smart-objects for information, entertainment, music and shopping

Enjoys the good things in life through the privilege of financial comfort. Is self-aware, connected and influences his peers.

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What we do for you

Local or international campaigns

Because we are a network you can schedule local or international campaigns and choose any set of clubs you would like to involve in your marketing campaign. Be it only St. Tropez or Paris, Rome and London, the choice is yours.

How to use this platform

The platform lists the current event sponsorship, venue marketing, advertising and other opportunities you can sponsor or get involved with. Browse the opportunities, see what fits your brand and then contact us. We will coordinate you campaign and support your creativity. Of course, we also help you implement marketing activation and creative ideas at our venues which are not
listed on the platform.

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About the World’s Finest Clubs

The World’s Finest Clubs is the global quality label, marketing network and membership program for world-class club venues. Our brand is synonymous with exceptional entertainment values and service. The experience guarantee for guests.
Since 2003 we are the first and only curated network of the most exciting and exclusive club venues in the world.
Venues are hand-selected and awarded with the prestigious World’s Finest Clubs Award in recognition of providing a world-class nightlife experience, cuisine, service and venue design.